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  • a tasty bite or a
  • special morning treat!

Our Engagement

Proud to promote social engagement for more than 50 years

La Petite Bretonne is a family business that values social commitment. Moreover, we support the Club des petits déjeuners since around 14 years by constantly providing them our small croissants with grains Micromega for the young children. Our slogan “Make your mornings special” shows also that we give some power to the breakfast in which we believe. So to support the Club des petits déjeuners is a way for us to help these children to start their day well. In addition, we offer product sponsorships to hundreds of organizations annually, for which children and health are the main concerns, as well as various community associations.

La Petite Bretonne is a company that values commitment to its customers and employees. We’ve been working in the field of industrial manufacturing and distribution of ready to eat pastries for nearly 50 years. Our duty is to provide our customers constant fresh and quality products as well as providing our employees with a rewarding work environment that promotes respect for the individual, teamwork and the development of a sense of belonging. For us, the recipe for success is to develop a strong working team consisting of happy and satisfied employees.

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