During these particularly difficult times, we wanted to let you know that our big La Petite Bretonne family stands united with all our employees and clients.

Both our production facilities are hard at work to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve made sure to put all necessary protective measures into place, because providing employees with a safe work environment is our first priority. Thank you to each and every employee for their commitment and understanding when it comes to working with these new protocols.

Please accept our warmest wishes at this time to all who’ve been affected by COVID-19. Take care, and remember “It’s going to be OK!”.

Your big La Petite Bretonne family

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Micro Croissants® & Mini Choco® Skewer

  • Portion : 12 skewer
  • Preparation : 15 minutes

  • 1 bag Micro Croissants®
  • 1 bag Mini Choco®
  • Fresh fruits

  • Slice the Mini Choco® & Micro Croissants® in half
  • On a wooden skewer, place some chocolate buns and croissant pieces as well as fruits
  • Serve as is or with some chocolate drizzle!

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